Friday, May 7, 2010

The Wardragon

Yesterday I posted the Shogun, named for Mauricio Rua, who tommorow will be contesting the UFC heavyweight title for the second time in less than a year! His opponent, and the man who defended his belt last year despite the objections of pretty much everyone on earth with an email address is Lyoto 'The Dragon' Machida, a fellow Brazilian but with a 50% Japanese heritage, from with I have derived the ingredients of his dedicated libation: The Wardragon!

1 part Cachaça, 1 part Sake are the basic ingredients of the Wardragon, but from there the serving possibilities are basically limitless. I like mine over ice with a twist of lime, but for perfect authenticity nothing beats filtering the drink through a Machida-Do karate master!

For a similar visual effect that retains the alcoholic potency of the liquor and isn't totally fucking disgusting, mix with lemonade. It's okay with me if you tell people that you're drinking your own filth in order to heighten your martial prowess, though.

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