Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Andrei "Pitbull" Arlovkski

Kicking off Fightdrinker's countdown to Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery, I have to go off topic for just a minute on nicknames.

Fightdrinker LOVES fighter nicknames! They add a lot of color and creativity to the sport, and should absolutely be encouraged. Some fans dislike them because they feel it derives too much from the kiddie-entertainment of Professional Wrestling, but apparently they've never heard of Thomas 'Hitman' Hearns, 'Sugar' Ray Robinson or 'Iron' Mike Tyson.


No more "Pitbulls", please.

Now, I love pitbulls. I HATE Michael Vick. A good pitbull deserves it's old-fashioned epithet of 'nanny dog.' See?

The killer dogs are almost invariably ones that have been abused or neglected, and many times they aren't pitbulls at all (which is much more a category than a breed anyway) and many breeds are, if you actually look at the numbers instead of hysterical 'news' reports, much more likely to attack and more likely to seriously injure or kill when they do. Regardless, the onus belongs on the owner and handler, not the animal.

Besides, there's like a fifty guys nicknamed 'Pitbull' already. Think a little longer, try something different.

Now, to step of that soapbox and get on with the mixing.

The Andrei 'Pitbull' Arlovski:

Chilled vodka garnished with freshly ground black pepper and a kibble.

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